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Hi and welcome!! Thank you for stopping by and taking 

interest in Let's Cheese of Jacksonville, Florida.  I was born and raised in Miami, FL.  

Mom and dad-very hispanic LOL so for conversation sake lets just say that i am

Cuban/Venezuela.  I am a mother of two little boys, and a foodie at heart.

What were just my contribute to gatherings became my   "show stopper"

platters  which lead  to my business Let's Cheese.

My passion is curating decadent charcuterie boards and grazing tables for all of lives moments.

I promise you, your date nights and gatherings will never be the same once you've added

one of our cheesy wonders! There is nothing more inviting than a beautiful and

delicious charcuterie platter, its has a way of bringing your guests and/or loved ones around.

You will spend the time together having more personal moments chatting about your day-

Hence the name "Let's Cheese" it means give me the story, let's chat.

​ You'll be surprised how filling a charcuterie board is, both nutritionally and emotionally.

My kids call them "picnics" and we love just sitting around with a board near by, a board game

to play or a movie to watch while we graze and love one another. All our boards are created

just hours before your scheduled event to obtain ultimate freshness. We can cater to any

dietary needs and will work with you to achieve a delicious board.


All you'll need to do is add wine.


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