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The Menu:

boxes &Platters:

Friendship Box

Serves 2-3 ppl
2 Artisan Cheese
1-2 Charcuterie

Lets Party.jpg

Let's Party

Serves 10-13 ppl
4 Artisan Cheese
3-4 Charcuterie



Serves 2-3 ppl
2 Artisan Cheese
1 Charcuterie

Choice of croissants, bagles or Belgian waffles. Fruits and Sweets.

Lets Cheese platter.jpg

Let's Cheese

Serves 5-8 ppl
3 Artisan Cheese
2-3 Charcuterie

we graazin.jpg

We Grazin'

Serves 8-10 ppl
4 Artisan Cheese
2-3 Charcuterie

Looking for Grazing Table Catering?
Fill our our "Catering Inquiry" form & we will reach out & discuss.

  • All all our Menu items are for "LIGHT BITES" ONLY.

  • All our menu Pictures are example of what board will look like , content will vary according to seasonal availability.

  • If you are looking for a heartier appetizer, please size up.

Single Serve Options:


Minimum of 5 to order


Char-Cutie Cones

Minimum of 1dozen per order


Charcuterie Shooters

Minimum of 2 dozen per order

All Single serve images are an example of what they will look like. This does not mean that they will be exactly as shown in the pictures. Content will vary according to products availability.

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